Selected Films


A short filmic exercise based on a childhood memory of playing with leaves. A work in progress from a project which explores ways of communicating subjective, multi-sensory impressions by audio-visual means.

music by Irena and Vojtech Havel


An art participation project by Sensory Sites and collaborators

Moving Water offered a moving, embodied sensory experience of our biological, psychological, cultural understanding of water through handling sculptural vessels that contain water. Made from sensuous materials such as glass, rawhide, metal and clay, the vessels and the water they contain were exchanged among audience members in an individual and collective exploration. This act of attention and empathy conveyed a poetic narrative about water qualities, ubiquity, use, and loss.

The creators of this project are Rosalyn Driscoll, Tereza Stehlikova and Anais Tondeur. Collaborators include Shelley James, Josh Ward, Kathy Crick, Kay Syrad, Claire Petitmengin, and CenSes, a network of neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers based at University of London who are investigating sensory experience: This project is supported by Encounter Fine Arts.


On 24th November 2013, 24 specially selected explorers (and 24 initiated guides) embarked on a multi-sensory dining exploration across the imaginary land of Iceland, in the company of William Morris and F T Marinetti.
These are some of the little glimpses into what happened on the night: most of it still remains a mystery to be unearthed while the journey itself is far from over…

A short trailer here:

The film is loosely based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. As we embark on a physical journey into the depth of a forest, the surrounding landscape is slowly transformed into an otherworldly environment, adopting features of the protagonist’s mind, merging with her memories and imaginations, until the distinction between internal and external worlds is erased.

Nameless Wood is a study of a unique ancient forest in Dartmoor, attempting to convey in moving image and sound aspects of its interior life. Originally made for an installation, Just Under the Surface, London.

Soundscape by Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

The participants in this workshop had the opportunity first to feel and study (through touch and drawing) the tactile properties of various objects and materials, while exploring the links between the visual and tactile imaginations, as well as memories and associations created by the experience.

10th February 2009, The drawing studio, Royal College of Art